SREC Walter France accompanies you and advises you in your management so that you are able to take advantage of every situation


What’s the consultancy for?

  • Find aids, subsidies, financing and help you to obtain them,
  • Advise the company and the manager to progress in their environment,
  • Use the network and contacts of a firm that has been strongly established and recognized since 1980,
  • Protect the company, its employees, its manager and there family.


The + SREC Walter France

In addition to the consultancy provided by the firm, it is our long-term support that will comfort you in your activity and your management.


We have already developed several nos-specialisations offers and we support companies of all sizes and in all nos-specialisationss of activity.



Consultancy Missions

  • Management and organization consulting,
  • Management planning,
  • Creative consulting,
  • Analysis of costs, margins, profitability,
  • Investment projects: cost and profitability,
  • Search for aid and subsidies,
  • Company audit and evaluation
  • Scoreboards, budgetary control,
  • Acquisition of equipment, vehicles,
  • Contribution to the protection of the company’s assets,
  • Executive compensation, retirement and pension solutions,
  • Transfer of assets…

Relations with banking and financial institutions

  • Creation of files within the framework of the creation and establishment of companies
  • Analysis of financial structures
  • Establishment of cash flow plans
  • Construction of medium and long term financing plans
  • Choice of financing methods and establishment of credit files
  • Table of uses and resources (historical and forecast)

Training of the company’s employees

  • We are entitled to train your employees