Social expertise

The constant evolution of social legislation, the complex management of human resources, multiple declarations… So many time consuming administrative constraints for your company.

SREC Walter France has developed an efficient social pole in order to intervene on your behalf or simply to assist you in the specialized and delicate field that is the management of your human wealth.

What is a social service for?

  • Manage your human resources (from recruitment to termination of collaboration),
  • Manage your staff administratively,
  • Optimize the performance of your human resources,
  • Get information on legal and conventional developments.

The + SREC Walter France​

Very early on we realized that our clients had a real need and lacked the resources to manage their payroll and returns.


We have set up a dedicated service and a team specialized in this field. 


At the beginning of each collaboration, a complete social diagnosis is carried out.


Examples of Social Missions

  • Drafting of employment contracts, profit-sharing contracts and amendments,
  • Preparation of payroll, payroll accounting and social declarations,
  • Establishment of employee or works council representatives,
  • Disciplinary proceedings and dismissals,
  • Work certificate – The balance of all accounts,
  • Advice and information on current social issues,
  • Hiring aids,
  • Assistance with complaints and monitoring by social administrations (URSSAF, …),
  • Consultation in the event of disputes with employees,
  • Consultation on specific problems,
  • Pension and retirement audit…