Accounting expertise

The law and the economic environment decree accounting obligations on industrial, commercial, hand-crafted, agricultural and professional companies, regardless of their size.

Annually, we take a snapshot of these operations, in order to have a sincere and faithful rendering of the reality of your activities. This snapshot corresponds to your income statement and balance sheet. These accounting documents form the basis of your company’s management.

Whatever the legal form of your structure, your company must meet certain accounting obligations because the law and your economic environment impose rigour, transparency and security on you.

 SREC Walter France’s accountants are at your side to reassure you and comfort you in your strategic choices.



What is the purpose of an accounting department?


    • Draw up your balance sheet, to know the state of your company’s assets and liabilities,


    • Establish your income statement, the reflection of your economic activity,


    • Accurately declare your taxation,


    • Respond to administrative controls



The + SREC Walter France


Chartered Accountancy has been our core business since 1980.


As a competent and independent consultant, we have always provided our clients with long-term support in the various phases of their company’s development.



Examples of accounting assignments


    • Maintaining, auditing, monitoring, closing or auditing the accounts,


    • Tax reporting,,


    • Realization of your business plan,


    • Collection of your data,


    • Setting up cost accounting,


    • Economic or financial analysis,


    • Margin analysis


    • Stock inventory,


    • Accounting certificate or examination of your annual accounts,


    • Company evaluation,


    • Preparation of your annual accounts,


    • Assistance with investment decision,


    • Closing of your accounts,


    • Development of accounting procedures (notes, manuals, guide, etc.),


    • Dashboard,


    • Online capture,


    • Etc…